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Contact Ref - Greyscale by EuchredEuthanasia Contact Ref - Greyscale by EuchredEuthanasia
So I should be knitting, but nope, defining color-moods for Alexanderís contacts.

I donít know that a lot of these are going to be specifically accurate. At least I hope itís close, but Iím just going with a page I found way back on what color is defined as what mood. (Iím going to have to change the colors from previous art of mine if they donít match this.) The contacts can possibly change to any color or shade, but if thereís no basic ďthis color means thisĒ table, than no one would really be able to tell if they would be working or not. Though Iím not saying any of this table is ďset in stone,Ē as sometimes colors can be described in different ways for a moodÖ But this is also to somewhat limit/decode the abilities of the mood contacts as I see fit, as well as perhaps increasing my own ability to focus on a mood directly in my writing.

ďIn moments the contacts reflected a black void in his being, filled with an intimidating cruelness sulking in the shadows of his vague thoughts, awaiting the right moment to cut down anyone brave enough to question his vulgar disposition or actions influenced by it.Ē

Sounds much better than this, in my opinion (and itís still even my writing): ďhis contacts changed from (color) to black because he didnít want to be bothered with his current attitude.Ē
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January 14, 2013
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