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Response to Kingfrozen pt 1 by EuchredEuthanasia
Response to Kingfrozen pt 1
"I mean.. Not everyone’s a fan of spiders or frogs I guess…" Kenneth stared at the man, wondering if he should go further than he could see. He hoped he wouldn’t be another bully.

These frames are in response to this post.
finally up to date on my posts, now just to update them as I make them, eheh xD ;;
Alexander In Aromatherapy and Ken Is Frustrated by EuchredEuthanasia
Alexander In Aromatherapy and Ken Is Frustrated

Ken: Dammit… I need something to get rid of these damn vines when you do this! It’s not kinky at all, it’s fucking annoying!

Alex: It’s not supposed to be kinky, asshole.


Alex and Alexander have a strange close relationship. And I say strange, because they have a closeness like lovers, but they are not intimate in the way that relates to sex and love; the easiest I think I can describe it is a platonic love. They are not brothers, but not lovers either, just somewhere in the middle.

Alex never really tries to be suggestive to Alexander, nor flirtatious. He never feels him up, never gropes him or anything, and if they ever kiss, while it would express affection, it would never mean more than that. Alex has considered an intimate relationship with Alexander, and the idea has never crossed Alexander’s mind. Not that Alexander would turn Alex down, a relationship would have to progress further for him to feel comfortable liking anyone, including someone he’s already somewhat fond of.

My idea for this picture is that Alexander still has issues with his body, as well as his mind; trembling, muscle aches and strains with simple movement, and feature distortion (like skin stretching, extra hair growth, hunger for meat, ect), and the mental stress he experiences is very similar to PTSD, from his previous lychanthropy. They know Celly has something to do with why Alexander’s humanity returned to him, but there are still remnants of his past transformations and whatnot that linger. They’ve been calling them “ghost-wolf pains.”

Alex, having previously been a werewolf of a different kind (different universe than Alexander, genetically/physically modified by someone to become more animalistic, even), he understands how Alexander feels because he had something similar happen to him, when the magic he now uses, conflicted with his own lychanthropy. Because of this, Alex offers Alexander some aromatherapy from plants he grows specifically for the moment, talks him through the pains he’s having, and even goes for a run with him, if they have the time. Alex takes part in comforting Alexander other ways too, such as hugging, talking about the past, working on what Alexander might want to do for himself in the future, and a lot more.

While it doesn’t help if he feels a lingering hunger for meat, sweet basil is one of Alexander’s favorite herbs, because it helps him think of food it’s used to cook with, which helps him calm down. It could be noted that Alexander has not become a vegetarian because of his past lychanthropy, but he has issues with too much blood, uncooked meat, or the injuries of others; which includes things that he had no part in, but that feels extreme guilt for and gets very upset over.

If he were to see Kenneth’s current state, he would most likely cry.

Art Practice - Neopets Silver Apple by EuchredEuthanasia
Art Practice - Neopets Silver Apple
The silver apple from, that for some reason I felt like painting and practicing with my current brushes with… I made it gold too. I wish I could get photoshop to work, ‘cause I’d do more of the monochrome thing, and add color and values later.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I have an ask blog on tumblr, at kingofaridrab-alex

A lot of art that I submit to this account is of ocs, most are mine, some are requests. URLs change frequently on tumblr, and I don't know who has what main accounts, but the requested oc art characters do not belong to me, they belong to their respective owners.

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Justplainmomo Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
I love your deviations : > i'm curious though, how do you manage to make our comics?
EuchredEuthanasia Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!

It's kinda simple actually, for the quick stuff and doodles and things, I sketch out what I'm gonna draw in Paint Tool Sai (very roughly, my sketches look nothing like the final product), and then go over with my special marker setting (I've been meaning to upload the updated version, as I've lost the settings many times and had to fix it by memory). It makes the lines look softer, and I use a dark brown instead of black, making it a little less intense. I've seen some people use dark reds, or blues, or even greens for their linearts, just as long as they are a shade similar to black... Like you have to be able to still tell that it is the color it's supposed to be, but dark enough to use for lineart.
I paint-bucket the colors in after vaguely selecting everything of one/similar color on the lineart (which is set to multiply), and then fill in the rest if there's any spots I missed (this is on one layer, also time for any effects like eyes, earrings, scars, veins or magic effects, and things like that) and normally I do things one panel at a time (on panel = a 500x700 sized image, since that's the largest size image Tumblr can handle before resizing it and forcing down it's quality).

My writing tool (for the dialogue) is the pencil tool with the "min size" all the way up to 95.. Then I just "combine" the frames in Photoscape with about a 5 for the border/margin.

I don't normally post the links here on Deviantart (sometimes the art here is a week old even if I just posted it), but I do frequent livestreams on, and when I'm ready to do said streams, you can find posts with links on my
Justplainmomo Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
so photoscape is a good program?
BeadGCF17 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I believe I somewhat know you, if I recall you've reblogged some of my stuff and maybe are following me on tumblr? My URL you would know is AlbinoAngler-Elezora, you probably found me/would know me from thehappiestseaflower/Nemmy

(oh great this is so awkward, i'm just going to give you a llama and a watch)
lirodon Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
long time no see!
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